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Speaker’s Bureau Information

The Speaker’s Bureau & Training Workshop

A few years ago we held our first Speaker’s Bureau Workshop.  The purpose was to train our interested 2nd & 3rd Generation members (2 & 3G’s) to speak at local media and community events.  Many out-of-town guests attended, with a special contingent from Philadelphia.  This was intended to be the first in a series of workshops.  If we continue and there is interest, more information on future events (some of which may be outside the D.C. area) will be provided on our Upcoming Events page as it becomes available.  It will also be available in the monthly Generations of the Shoah International newsletter (for links to GSI see the Resources page).

The Generation After will not be actively seeking engagements for the speakers; however, we will maintain a list of available people and provide names if we receive requests.  The purpose of the workship was to train speakers who may be invited to speak through contacts of their own.

At the workshop we promised some reference information to assist potential speakers, which is included in the next section below.

We have created a chat group for potential speakers to share ideas and their experiences when they speak.  It’s a yahoo group (i.e., not a yahoo chat room) and can be accessed at  Follow the instructions to join, and your membership will be approved, or send an email to  Note: The conversations are not moderated.  Any problems please call or email us, see ourContact Us page.

Reference Information on Speaking about the Shoah

General Information

If you attended the first workshop then you have the packet of materials we distributed.  The US Holocaust Memorial Museum put together this quality, introductory packet that includes a videography and a bibliography, so please take a look at it!

You can also do research on line.  For example, if you go to Wiesenthal Center you will find the most frequently asked questions [and answers] about the Holocaust.  We recommend you go to a reliable website, like the U.S. Holocaust Memorial Museum (USHMM), or Generations of the Shoah International (GSI), and start following their links.  If you go to the GSI website, that will have links to many of the major Holocaust institutions and organizations, but you have to know something about searching.  For example, if you go to the GSI site you may not realize that AHO stands of Association of Holocaust Organizations.  Their directory will help you find resources all over the world.  Our own Resources page has some interesting links.  Go explore some of these sites, and you will find more resources at your fingertips than you would imagine!

Esther’s Presentation Notes for the Workshop

Please click the link to view the tips she presented on how to speak effectively, including concerns specifically on speaking about the Holocaust.   Click Here

Anne Marie’s Presentation Notes for the Workshop

Please click the link to view the icebreaker we used and tips she presented on how to flesh out the concepts of your speech.   Click Here

Genie’s Presentation Notes for the Workshop

Please click the link to view her presentation on the importance of the role research can play even when talking about this very personal topic.   Click Here

On a related topic, we are working on a future Generation After program to learn about historic events at the time of the Holocaust.  To go to this event on our Coming Events page  Click Here.  (To come back to this page, find and click the link for the Speaker’s Bureau page.)

Public Speaking Tips Culled from Various Sources for the Workshop

Please click the link to view the tips Esther presented on good presention techniques, as well as a list of some of the tough Holocaust-related questions that may get asked.   Click Here

Esther’s Speech to Maryland State Legislators

Please click the link to view Esther’s speech to Bill Teitelbaum about Holocaust education in the schools in Maryland.   Click Here

Martin’s Speeches on Resistance

Please click the link to view Martin’s speeches responding to the erroneous belief that Jews went like sheep to the slaughter.   Click Here

Additional Speeches and Reference Information (not available for interent access)

After the workshop we emailed to those who attended some additional speeches by presenters at our workshop who speak frequently on the Holocaust.  We don’t have permission to post them on the internet.  If you get involved in speaking and would like additional information, please ask us what else we have.