The Generations After, Inc.

Shoah Survivors & Descendants of Greater Washington, DC


The Generations After, Inc. is a 35 year old Washington, DC-area organization of children and grandchildren of Holocaust survivors, whose mission is to preserve the legacy of the Holocaust through education, commemoration, social support and advocacy. Recently we have been joined by Jewish Survivors of the Shoah & Friends of Greater Washington and we are now a truly multi-generational group, linked by shared goals.

The Generations After, Inc. activities include:

  • Hosting programs with authors, artists, scholars, politicians and experts in the Holocaust field
  • Providing social opportunities for members and inter-generational community building activities
  • Providing emotional support for shared issues
  • Sharing information on Holocaust-related programs, events, lectures, films, exhibits, and conferences
  • Sharing resources and information on relevant research
  • Co-sponsoring local Holocaust-related commemorations and activities consistent with our mission
  • Exploring the impact of the Shoah on survivors and descendants– through films, lectures, discussions and our book group
  • Supporting our parents and other survivors through advocacy for survivor needs
  • Providing speakers to community groups  and speaker training workshops
  • Networking with local, national and international Holocaust organizations– Yad VaShem, U.S. Holocaust Memorial Museum (USHMM), Generations of the Shoah International (GSI), World Federation of Jewish Child Survivors & Descendants