The Generation After, Inc.

Shoah Survivors & Descendants of Greater Washington, DC

Book Group

The Generation After, Inc. sponsors a book group which meets every other month in member’s homes.  Participants read and discuss a variety of Holocaust-related literature—history, political analysis, memoirs, fiction—with a special emphasis on second generation authors’ reflections on the impact of the Shoah on their families and on their lives.

For more information, contact Charlotte, the book group coordinator, at

 Books we have read & discussed in The Generation After, Inc. book group, which formed in March, 2011:

  • Ackerman, Diane   The Zookeeper’s Wife
  • Blum, Jenna    Those Who Save Us
  • Dershowitz, Alan   Just Revenge
  • Doerr, Anthony   All The Light We Cannot See
  • Edsel, Robert and Bret Witter  The Monuments Men: Allied Heroes, Nazi Thieves and the Greatest Treasure Hunt in History
  • Ehrlich, Elizabeth   Miriam’s Kitchen
  • Epstein, Helen   Children of the Holocaust
  • Franklin, Ruth   A Thousand Darknesses:  Lies and Truth in Holocaust Fiction
  • Fremont, Helen   After Long Silence
  • Fromberg Schaeffer, Susan   Anya
  • Goldsmith, Martin   Alex’s Wake   Program with the Author
  • Grimbart, Philippe   A Secret   Film based on the book of the same name
  • Grossman, David   See Under: Love
  • Hahn Beer, Edith with Susan Dworkin   The Nazi Officer’s Wife:  How One Jewish Woman Survived the Holocaust
  • Hoffman, Eva   Lost in Translation:  A Life in a New Language
  • Larson, Erik   In the Garden of Beasts
  • Lipstadt, Deborah   Denying the Holocaust
  • Lower, Wendy   Hitler’s Furies:  German Women in the Nazi Killing Fields
  • Lowry, Lois   Number the Stars   Young Adult fiction, read in conjunction with Yolen, Jane   The Devil’s Arithmetic
  • Mendelsohn, Daniel   Lost: A Search for Six of Six Million
  • Nemirovsky, Irene   Suite Francaise
  • de Rosnay, Tatiana   Sarah’s Key    Read book and saw film several months later
  • Szegedy-Maszak, Marianne    I Kiss Your Hands Many Times

Additional recent Programs-with-the-Author, sponsored by The Generation After, Inc.:

  • Black, Edwin   IBM and the Holocaust
  • Buergenthal, Thomas   A Lucky Child
  • Goldsmith, Martin   The Inextinguishable Symphony:  A True Story of Music and Love in Nazi Germany 
  • Lichtman, Allan   FDR and the Jews